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Music video for Orvonton - VUB

Directed by Constanza Manescau
DoP Xavier Coll
1st AC Catalina Fernández
2nd AC Rubén Molina
Steady Cam operator Adrià Escanilla
Edition Natalia Lucía
Colorist Constanza Manescau
Opening Credits Van Velvet

Manuel Lastra
Mercat de les Flors

Shot in Barcelona 2014

Director of Photography in surrealist film 'Sacramento', the film directed by Carlos Cañeque. Selection at the Sitges International Film Festival and Festival Internacional de Cine Mar del Plata.

Music video for the song Corsicanskaya by the Piccola Orchestra Gagarin, made at bar Can Maño in Barcelona.

The Piccola Orchestra Gagarin are:
Sasha Agranov (cello, loops)
Paolo Angeli (prepared sardinian guitar, voice)
Oriol Roca (drums, objects)

Directed and DoP - Xavier Coll
1st AC - Constanza Manescau
Production Manager - Paulina Ramírez
Editing - Roger Llorens

Acknowledgements to Bar Can Maño and Estel for their support.


We are trying swing BASE jumps in order to train for a bigger project involving swing BASE from an object. That's gonna be awesome, so stay tuned for more!

David is going to have some fun...

This would have not been possible without our sponsors

Parapent Organyà
TENAYA climbing shoes


This is the story of the first solo ascent of the Hotel Arts in Barcelona, creating a new line called "La Fiesta del Triceps" 6b.
David Fusté and Turko Ortiz climbed this 120 metres building to jump it from the top.

Stay tuned to see what's our next adventure!

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Directed and Edited by Xavi Coll

In collaboration with

Music ORVONTON - Aire 


Maarten Swan music video for Voices, from the album Voices

Directed by Xavi Coll
Edited by Laurent Briet

Maarten Swaan
Paz García

Photography Xavi Coll
1st AC Rubén Molina
2nd AC Anjara Segura
Make Up Meritxell Seva
Wardrobe MACSON

Shot on RED Scarlet and Canon 7D

Scala & Kolacny Brothers - My December

Direction and DoP - Xavier Coll
Camera Operator - Constanza Manescau
Actor - Sarah Lynn Smith


Sigur Rós - Ég Anda

Music Video

Shot on location in Galicia

Written and Directed by Constanza Manescau

Produced by Xavier Coll

Director of Photography - Xavier Coll

Costume Design - Marta Porta

Production Assistant - Laura Manescau

Edited by Xavier Coll and Constanza Manescau


Natalie Alexander

Irea Cendan

Karme Màlaga

Marta Porta

Alejandra Soler

and Jerry the Horse

Many thanks to

Pere Vall

Moncho Lemos

Xose Cendan

Alberto Sierra

O Bosque Da Estrela

José Meneses

Juan Sebastián Vásquez

Outdoors Reel 2014

Music: Catpeople - Rana


Entrevista hecha a MENEO durante el Festival BAM de Barcelona en septiembre de 2012

Interview to MENEO during the BAM Festival in Barcelona in 2012

Filmed and Edited - Xavier Coll

© 2012

This World's first Solo BASE ascent of the Puro in Riglos (Spain) is part of the upcoming documentary SOLO BASE (*), featuring David Fusté, Turko Ortiz and Mireia Miró.

Stay tuned for more adventures and craziness!!

Sponsored by Tenaya and with collaboration of Pumba Produccions

Maarten Swaan - Hourglass

©2014 Xavier Coll

Amanda Jayne - Unwinding Staircase

Music video for 'Unwinding Staircase' by Amanda Jayne, from the album Swoon (2007)

Recorded in Barcelona and Montseny
Special thanks to Sasha Agranov and Estel Seguí

Also Special thanks to Andrea Cirotto for his support

Directed and DoP - Xavier Coll


Video made for a crowfunding campaign for Maarten Swan and his new album

Filmed and Edited by Xavier Coll

© 2012

© 2012 bmd Música

The Papas & The Mamas - Peachy Joke

Directed and DoP - Xavier Coll

Post Production - The Purple Dog

Special thanks to Federico Szarfer and Lorena Franco

When The Cat's Away - A Stop Motion Short Film

Directed by Xavier Coll & Albert Llatge

Photography by Xavier Coll

Edition by Margherita Morello

Sound by Marcel González

Graphic Design by Andrea Cirotto

Original Music by Amanda Jayne "Nine Whole Lives" from the album SWOON (Whatabout Music)

The short film has been screened over 15 international film festivals worldwide


Xavier Coll Reel 2011

Xavier Coll

Director of Photography

Teaser for feature Film Piantao

Teaser para el largometraje Piantao

Dirección - Federico Szarfer

Guión - María Barjau

Producción - Estefannia Vinyals

Dirección de Fotografía - Xavier Coll

Sonido - Anna Rajadell / Albert Palou

Atrezzo Buenos Aires - Ariel Taitz

Amelia - Yasmin Pin

Martín - Nelo Sebastián


Coral Cruz

Isabel Lozano

Núria García

Music Video for Peachy Joke's song "You", from their third album Asian Tiger Mosquito.

Band: Peachy Joke

Album: Asian Tiger Mosquito

Song: you

Year: 2011

Filmed and Edited by Xavier Coll

Participante en la sección oficial del BCN Sports Film Festival 2012

Thanks to all jumpers for their GoPro footage and also to Chris "Douggs" for his brilliant extra material. Without them this video wouldn't be the same.


El nuevo vídeo de los Brindis Acoustics es especial. La Doble Fila tocando su tema Hollywood con mucha clase, como es lo habitual. Parte de la colección de vídeos Brindis Acoustics para

Zenttric - Modernos que critican a modernos

Directed - Laura Martínova von Schloss
1st AD - Ángel L. Pérez and Verónica Moragas
DoP - Xavier Coll
1st AC - Carla L. Samaniego
2nd AC - Rubén Molina
Produced by Ignacio F. Rodó and Laura Martínova
Production Assistants - Anabel Luna and Tatiana Antoni
Edited -Laura Martínova and Joan G. Servera
Post Production - Oh My Hood
Art Director - Adriana Dumon
Art Assistants - Laia Alabart and Marta Peret
Fashion and Costumes - Seila sin H
Fashion Assistants - Sushipop
Casting Directors - Seila sin H, Marta Lecuona and Karen Klink
Make Up - Marta Picazo and Laila Alshanee

On The Munro

Across the Scottish munros on a great journey through the countryside


Iban Martín and Xavier Coll

Filmed and Edited:

Xavier Coll

Winner of the Tarannà Travel Videos Competition 2012

Ganador del concurso de vídeos de viajes Tarannà 2012


Paragliding in Organyà Short Doc

Castejón de Sos became the meca for paragliders in Spain in 1985 due to its extraordinary flying conditions and the whole landscape, providing a unique atmosphere in which to fall in love with. 

People has been coming to this corner of the Pyrenees to free fly again and again and some world championships have been held there too.

We were flying in Castejón and surroundings for two weeks at the end of June, enjoying the whole experience and the town itself.

Definitely a place to get lost often.

MusicClap Your Hands Say Yeah! - Upon This Tidal Wave Of Young Blood


Video Experiment

30Km vESPa jOurnEY


                      IN 2 MINUTES

GoPro Hero2 TEST

MuSiC - Aux 88 'ThE fLigHt'

© 2012

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