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We are leaders in the adventure films industry having won several awards for documentaries such as 'Solo BASE' or 'Give Me Wings' in festivals worldwide. Producing films for companies and brands such as EpicTV, Tenaya, Adrenalin BASE, Air Design, Kortel Design, Fly Fox.

Some of our videos have become viral reaching 1 million views.

We love to make epicness and adventure accessible for all audiences.


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Give Me Wings is a new documentary featuring Guillem Camprodon, Kaleigh Carlson, Jonny Baker, Chris M Warner and Xavier Coll in their search for the ultimate adventure: Climbing and flying around the World.

Hike & Fly has become one of the newest sensations among mountain lovers, runners, climbers and paragliding pilots. Descending from the top of a cliff or a mountain doesn’t mean the same anymore as flying is now possible with both light wings and miniwings. Hiking or climbing up a mountain and then flying down gives you a unique feeling of freedom and sense of achievement, and it’s one of the most satisfying activities one can do up the hills.

The documentary highlights those emotions by following some of the most experienced pilots while doing what they love.

The dream of flying is now a reality for most humans.

The film is now being selected in festivals Worldwide for competition.

Solo BASE (From Climbing to Jumping) follows the path of David Fusté along with his
friend Turko, both very strong climbers who become BASE jumpers in order to make
their dreams of flying a reality. However they don't only become jumpers, since what
they do is climbing without ropes with a parachute on their bags, as their only piece
"safety" gear.
David also has much respect for nature and the animals, being vegan and living his life
as part of the environment itself.
Solo BASE is also a tribute to Dean Potter, the one who invented this extreme and yet
beautiful way of living the dream.

Solo BASE (From Climbing to Jumping) sigue el camino de David Fusté junto a su amigo Turko, los cuales son dos Fuertes escaladores que se convierten en saltadores BASE con la finalidad de hacer realidad sus sueños de volar.
Pero no solamente se convierten en saltadores, ya que lo que ellos hacen es escalar sin cuerdas, pero con un paracaídas en sus espaldas como único material de “seguridad”.
David también tiene un fuerte sentimiento de respeto hacia la naturaleza y los animales, siendo vegano y viviendo la vida como parte del mismo entorno que le rodea.
Solo BASE es también un tributo a Dean Potter, quien inventó esta modalidad extrema, pero a la vez una bella forma de vivir los sueños.

- Bansko Festival
- Torelló International Mountain Film Festival
- Les Icares du Cinéma
- Rio Mountain Film Festival
- Les Cinémathèques de Montagne
- Festival Autrans
- Festival Film Flix
- Yelmo Film Festival
- Graz Film Festival
- Kendal International Mountain Film Festival
- Kathmandu International Mountain Film Festival
- Poprad International Film Festival
- Mendi International Film Festival
- Mostra de Cinema de Muntanya Sant Martí
- New Zealand Mountain Film Festival
- Cicle de Muntanya Ordino, Andorra
- Picurt
- Rencontres du Cinéma Grenoble et Gap
- Sestriere Film Festival
- Ardèche Slackline
- Verona Mountain Film Festival
- Milano Mountain Film Festival
- Festival Golluts


- Press Award at the Icares du Cinéma (France)
- Best Extreme film at Torelló International Mountain Film Festival (Spain)
- Best aerial sports film at the Yelmo Festival (Spain)

Pure ADVENTURE Climbing In Wadi Rum | Climb And Fly Ep.3

In the heart of the desert lies Wadi Rum. With its huge walls, dodgy gear and outrageous exposure this is a playground for climbers...and para-gliders. The team head up a route called 'The Eye Of Allah', intending to launch from the top. However, with tricky wind conditions and a 'death drop' take off, things start getting spicy on the summit.Pure ADVENTURE Climbing In Wadi Rum | Climb And Fly Ep.3

Epic Multi-Pitch Climbing With A Grand-Stand Finish | Climb And Fly Ep.2

After their first adventure on their para-gliders, Xavier and the crew head out the Dolomites to climb a classic 6a route Via Ada on the Col De Bois. The guys have to wait out for ideal conditions at the top, but is the wait worth their while?Epic Multi-Pitch Climbing With A Grand-Stand Finish | Climb And Fly Ep.

500m Up...Down In Minutes | Climb And Fly Ep.1

This is the first part of a series following Xavier Coll and friends around the world, as they climb some of the best rock in the world and fly off the top using a paraglider.In this video the guys tackle a classic 500 m route on the Pedraforca mountain in Catalunya. Xavier and Ceci Aguirre love to climb and, and this in their backyard in Spain...perfect!Xavier Coll: @xaviercollCeci Aguirre: @ceci.ac 500m Up...Down In Minutes | Climb And Fly Ep.1

There’s A Fine Line Between Fun And Terrifying - These Guys Just Jumped Off It | Solo BASE, Ep. 1

David Fusté and Turko Ortiz are two very strong rock climbers with a dream: to push the limits of hard route climbing without ropes. But don't call them free-soloists. No, they are practitioners of a new sort of climbing they like to call deep void soloing or psico BASE. In essence, deep void soloing is route climbing in which your protection isn't ropes, bolts, or cams, it's a BASE parachute. Climbers like Dean Potter have been experimenting with parachutes for years, but these two Spaniards are taking it to new levels. In this episode they head to Monte Brento, in Italy, home to a huge, overhung cliff that is a favorite spot for BASE jumpers but less recognized in the climbing world. Until now. Director: Xavier CollProducer: Xavier CollThere’s A Fine Line Between Fun And Terrifying - These Guys Just Jumped Off It | Solo BASE, Ep. 1

No Rope, No Chalk...No Clothes - The Purest Form Of Climbing? | EpicTV Fresh Catch

There has always been a desire amongst climbers to strive for the purest style of ascent, the most natural style if you will, the one least encumbered by artificial assistance and closest to the climbing practiced by other animals. Trad climbing is obviously a purer method of ascent than sport climbing. But trad climbing still requires plenty of gear and is nowhere near as natural as soloing. So then, soloing must be the purest form of climbing...right? It's just you, your shoes, your chalk and the rock. How could that be any simpler? Well this video of David Fusté might just change your view on that. He not only solo climbs without shoes or chalk, but without anything else at all. Naked on the rock, he takes climbing back to its primeval routes and comes as close as possible to the animals he seeks to emulate.No Shoes, No Rope, No Clothes - The Purest Form Of Climbing? | EpicTV Fresh CatchDirector: Xavier CollProducer: Xavier Coll

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