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Xavier Coll DIRECTOR | DoP | EDITOR REEL 2019

Documentary Beldurretan Arraunean

Last work for the Documentary Beldurretan Arraunean with director Iñigo Asensio, featuring Maialen Chourraut, kayaking gold medal in Rio de Janeiro 2016 .

La piragüista becada por Basque Team Maialen Chourraut es la protagonista del documental ‘Beldurretan Arraunean’ dirigido por Iñigo Asensio, con la producción de Korima Films y Traola en asociación con EITB.

Fresh Production - Epic TV new Series

New series for Epic TV featuring Kaleigh Carlson, Guillem Camprodon and Xavier Coll on adventures and travels around the World climbing and flying the most stunning landscapes on Earth


The team travelled to the Pyrenees, Dolomites and Jordan in search of the ultimate adventure. Climbing and then flying from the top of the mountains.

Camping in the desert and isolated areas worldwide, without assistance of any kind.

Living in the Wadi Rum desert for a few weeks gave the team the energy they needed to succeed and immerse themselves in a surreal landscape.

Sandy exposed climbs

Climbing in the Wadi Rum desert can be difficult at times. Rock is often sandy, bad protected and very exposed. Kaleigh, Xavier, Jonny and Chris climbed some of the most classic routes in the area and flew back to the valleys with their lightweight paragliders.

Link to episode:


GIVE ME WINGS [Documentary]



Give Me Wings is a new documentary featuring Guillem Camprodon, Kaleigh Carlson, Jonny Baker, Chris M Warner and Xavier Coll in their search for the ultimate adventure: Climbing and flying around the World.

Hike & Fly has become one of the newest sensations among mountain lovers, runners, climbers and paragliding pilots. Descending from the top of a cliff or a mountain doesn’t mean the same anymore as flying is now possible with both light wings and miniwings. Hiking or climbing up a mountain and then flying down gives you a unique feeling of freedom and sense of achievement, and it’s one of the most satisfying activities one can do up the hills.

The documentary highlights those emotions by following some of the most experienced pilots while doing what they love.

The dream of flying is now a reality for most humans.

The film is now being selected in festivals Worldwide for competition. More info on the BLOG content.



Here's the last film with the nice collaboration of DOP @xaviercoll under the direction and creative concept of http://www.davidruizfoto.com/

Shooting the great Tafa from @trafficmodels with @adidasrunning and @vavaeyewear glasses from our friends @opticagranviabcn .

Thanks to our fixer friends @formidableproducers .

And @tlk_rental equipment #teloalkilo for their support .

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